Growing Our Dreams

There’s so much bad news on the news that I wanted to share a funny story. I was walking one evening when the state trooper who lives in the neighborhood drove by, getting off her shift. Even after all the years she’s lived here, I don’t know her. But I wave when she passes on the little road where I walk. There are no sidewalks, so walkers share the road with cars. On this particular evening, something new took over and I found myself doing a silly wave with two hands like a little kid. It was some new aspect of me coming on board. Surprisingly, the trooper waved back the same way! I burst out laughing. About three weeks later, she drove by again, and I waved with one hand. Her face lit up and she gave me the silly two-handed wave. It was so funny, and now we do it every time we pass.

On our New Earth, our silliness is rising up, our childlike innocence and delight, and we begin to share that with others because we can no longer contain it. In the new energy we are irrepressible. Kids show us this all the time with their in-the-moment antics. They remind us to be in the moment and to find what lights us up, what we enjoy, what makes us happy.

Yes, we’re clearing all the old stuff out that got in the way of this. We clear for as long as we need to, because that is how we arrive at the happy moments, the moments of freedom, and the Love. Underneath all the goo that each has internalized is a happy kiddo (aka your true Self) that is just waiting for a chance to emerge. Our time on this planet is not about money or jobs or prestige or being angry or rushing around trying to get everything done. It’s about finding that spark within, that connection to the cosmic intelligence, that lights us up, that brings us joy, that makes us want to create, that makes us want to live in harmony with everyone and everything.

When we find that spark and grow it until the light fills us, we become beauty and peace and Love personified. We become the emissaries of that light on this earth, shining like beacons. We are the luminarias on our own streets, holding the new light so that others can find their way as they are drawn to the beauty and new intelligence of it.

New Earth is a vibrant, beautiful place that comes into existence when we create it. And once we create it, we can live there and enjoy it. Our vibration lifts the vibration of those around us and we experience their higher potential.

As we increase our vibration, we increase our power. As we increase our power, we increase our ability to create. A few months ago, I envisioned the kind of movie that I want to watch, and Saturday night I saw one of these new movies on TV. It was peaceful and beautiful, set in a gorgeous setting, and the characters were working together to create more of this beauty. It made me happy to watch it. This is the world I am creating, a world of simple pleasures and peaceful co-existence, where everyone works for the good of all.

I was just talking to someone who said she has always known this kind of world is possible. As a child she didn’t understand why she couldn’t find it. You may have known this too, and that’s why we are here now, to create this world so that we can all enjoy it.

We have the power to do this, we have the ability, and we also have the responsibility as sovereign beings. All we have to do is pull ourselves out of the old world by no longer agreeing with it. By challenging the parts that do not support us. By offering our solutions and ideas. By providing leadership in the new ways. We do this little by little, step by step, until we have freedom, and in the place of the old we put the new, by picturing what we want to have. Each one of us plays a part. We’re doing it together.

The white horse

A month ago, I decided I want wild horses in my New Earth. I was debating about where I could see them, and then a few days later I looked out my window at the dunes that are covered with beach grass, where usually only elk forage, and I saw a beautiful white horse running free. It was an amazing sight. I went to take a picture of it, and by the time I walked over, a man had appeared on another horse. He was riding on the beach when the white horse broke free. All to make me happy on my New Earth.

Anything is possible. So start envisioning, start dreaming, and let the dreams go like dandelion seeds. It’s time for these seed-dreams to take root and grow. This New Earth is the fertile ground for our dreams to appear.

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  1. Dream of the way you want the new earth to be and imagine what it would be like, let your playful self emerge and interact with other people in this space. Very nice Terry, thank you for sharing your new earth with me.

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