We Are the Gateway

Oh, the journey, it just goes on and on. Friday night was another sleepless one where I was flip-flopping around for hours feeling way too warm even tho the house was cool. We are processing such intense energy as the cosmos is converting us to the newest model of star-infused human. Friday night I was seeing the waves of light and color that have brought us our information for decades. We’re beginning to understand how much we have been influenced by this cosmic-level knowing. It has come into our core, influencing and guiding us on this earthly adventure. The inklings, the twinklings and the knowings have nudged and prompted us, given us visionary experiences and reminded us that we are here for more than we thought.

A couple things I’m noticing: We’re rising up and saying No to whatever old systems just aren’t working for us anymore. You’ll feel this within, like the proverbial last straw. Something in you says, I feel done with this particular aspect of this old world. And once we are done, some of these things are going away. 

Wanting real connections

Also, for any of us who spent time in our caves, not being around people much, we’re spending more time with people again, but we’re noticing that even tho we are with them, it feels like we’re in a different dimension or reality than they are. We’re interacting with them, but we’re noticing their closed hearts and their walls. They’re talking to us, but they’re not connecting in a heart-based way. So the experiences feel a bit empty. We’re ready for real connections.

Related to that, you may be noticing your light is triggering fear and judgment that others are finding coming up for release. Over the last months and years we’ve released so much of this, and now the next wave is experiencing this release. We can be present without reacting. This is their work to do. We can make boundaries if needed.

Some of the things I am seeing of late: a friend told me her husband’s doctor had told him part of his heart wasn’t getting blood. “It’s the back,” I said. “How do you know that?” she asked. “That’s exactly what the doctor said.” I could see that’s where this man kept his lists of who did what to him. He came home a few minutes later, and she asked me if I would talk to him about that. He was very open to hearing. But he was surprised: “You can see my lists?” In this new energy, it’s all going to become visible, which is why it is so important to release anything that is not serving us. I suggested he work on softening his heart, and also work on forgiving himself and all the ones he felt had harmed him.

Ten days later he had a dye test to check his heart function. His doctor said, “Wow, looks good,” and took him off two medications. He said he would see him in 6 months.

The release work we are doing  is important and it is so beneficial to our physical body.

The next time I saw my friend, I psychically saw a box that she was holding under her throat, full of all the things she wanted to say but hadn’t. “Time to start saying those,” I told her. “I don’t even know how to start,” she said. I told her to just share her experience and to keep it about her. No blame. “This is your own fear you are confronting, your own limitation, all the things you couldn’t say. Say them truthfully and gently, and say, ‘I’m ready to live in a new way.’”

This is how we change and become new. This is the way we become our true Self. This is how we expand into the potential that is all around us now. This is the way we begin to live without the limitation of our fears.

The New Earth is welcoming us as we release everything that kept us small and afraid. It is welcoming us to live in a new way and to experience the love and kindness and connection we have always wanted to feel. The New Earth is open arms and open hearts. It’s a place where we no longer hold grudges or keep lists about other people’s actions. It’s a place where we can be who we are. It’s a place where we are free to embody our divinity and create the beauty and magic we want to experience. When we let go of what was, we move into what is. We move into something way beyond what we had before, the beautiful new space that we are bringing into being, and a whole new way of living. We are the gateway to our heaven on earth.

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