The Disconnect and Reconnecting

Yesterday during a meditation I was taken to progressively higher and higher dimensions—thru sound—until I reached the God/Source center. And then I was shown how we begin there and we expand out living in that God/Source circle. But we dropped out when we came to the Earth this time, and a part of us went out into the Earth dimension of 3D. This created polarity. We have been in that space for quite some time, many of us feeling like we didn’t fit or belong there. 

We were feeling like our home was somewhere else. I’ve drawn a picture of what I was shown.

Over the last several years, we have been making our way back, reconnecting as we are assisted by the shift-of-consciousness energy waves coming to the planet. We have been moving back into wholeness. We move back into the circle of our divinity. And finally we feel like yes, we have made progress, this feels more like who we are. This is our balanced state.

We have reconnected to our power and our divine creative ability to be able to create our heaven on earth. And we continue to clear out anything that no longer serves us and continue to learn about our power. Some of us are in a very new space, holding the space for everyone.

This is a very important and powerful time for all of us, and we finally move into our truth and living in a new way. We stop agreeing with those who are still awash in the old ways. We no longer allow them to determine who we are, or to limit us. Once we glimpse our magnificence, once we see our potential, once we taste our power, there is no going back.

Our power lives inside of us. It is there once we have the courage to summon it. It requires that we begin to make boundaries, it requires that we give up low-vibrational behaviors (judgment, blame, fear, control, guilt, etc.) and listen to our guidance and our heart. Our guidance is communicating all the time, and many people override it with their thinking. Following guidance requires trust—trusting your Self to know what to do. We don’t make decisions based on fear (What will people say? How will I survive? What if I can’t do something?). We make them based on Love. We love ourselves and support ourselves 100 percent. We stop undermining ourselves. Close your eyes and say this: I support myself 100%. I am 100% committed to being my true Self, a sovereign being on the New Earth.

When we make this commitment we pull our life force out of the nonproductive places we have invested it and invest it in our Self. This allows us to move forward in a new way. To not make excuses for who we are, and to feel what it feels like to support our Self and be true to our Self.

We continue clearing whatever comes up, wherever we are not at peace. We release anything from our old programming, anything that is not Love.

The simple pleasure of an amazing outdoor concert with the RJ Marx Quartet in Gearhart, OR.

As we enter the rich context of New Earth, there is much we can do that was never possible before. We can use our creational powers in ways that were not possible in the old world. Even tho many are still locked down in their fear, still holding onto the old for dear life, we are discovering the expansive fluid space around us. We‘re discovering how many simple things make us happy. We’re discovering we can live in peace. We’re finding that everything gets easier as we give up struggle. It’s all about choice. And we get to choose.

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