Being and Holding the New

This has been a day of things appearing and disappearing, as we’re being shown how old familiar things are on their way out. The world that we’ve been a part of for our whole lives is vanishing. The new world that we are creating is taking shape inside us and being projected around us to take its place. You may be feeling the dynamics of this. We are finding quite literally that we can’t focus our attention very well on the old. We can only do it very briefly and ineffectively. Even when we focus on it, it’s still not in focus. It’s like we’re connecting with something that isn’t fully there anymore. And we are in such a new space, that we can no longer “go back” there. And every time we try to see what’s there, we have to remind ourselves: What do we want to create? It’s not about what has been created, it’s about what we are creating now, from our embodiment of our divine power as one who came to create something new.

What’s coming up now is a major release of fear. Many of us are anchoring this release. I had an indicator today when I made a quick stop at the grocery store. The cashier gave me an update on his cat. Last time he said his cat has never been outside and he wished it could happen. I said, “I bet he’d enjoy that, feeling the sun, the breeze, walking on the ground.” But he was afraid the cat would get away. Today, he happily announced the cat went outside for a little while for the first time. He said, “I got over my fear about it. And the dog helped keep an eye on the cat.” He showed me a picture on his phone. It’s still an indoor cat, but now it gets to go outside for a little bit. What I felt was his happiness about releasing the fear. In the new energy, we can make choices that make us happy, but we are having to release making choices based on fear.

Some will discover that all their choices have been fear-based. Fear has been a huge limiter. It’s what’s kept us playing small. But many of us in the last few years, by releasing our own fear, have created a pathway for others to use. In these increasingly strong frequencies, as we embrace our truth, we can no longer opt out with fear. Fear is no longer our measuring stick or our crutch. We are now required to be who we are and to share who we are.

Our new context is fluid and dynamic.

We’re in a new context. We’ve stepped out of our old parameters. What we have talked about/read about in the last few months is now real. We are experiencing it. We have interfaced with our new aspects enough so that the old parts of us no longer have room. We no longer give them a home. We move them out and bring in our divinity, which is kind and loving and flexible and strong and in the moment. It no longer allows disrespect and simply moves out of that arena if it appears. The disrespect that some still project has nothing to do with us. We no longer engage with it. If it shows up in our space, we can now move it energetically out.

The energy is very fluid right now. We can have times of being tired, where we respect our body with rest, and times of accomplishing many things, where we flow with this force. We can have times that are quiet and times that are social, as we realize we enjoy both. We are sharing joy and love as part of being here now, in this new space. We’re creating what’s needed in the moment. We hold our own space with those still practicing micromanagement, simply being very present with what we are doing and no longer being pushed out of balance. It doesn’t anger us, it doesn’t upset us because we are focused on what we are creating from the powerful center of our being. We are residing in our power, our divinity, our sovereignty and our love. We are enjoying our Self and what we are creating around us, the New Earth that is taking shape and gaining in solidity and form. We are offering the opportunity for co-creation, even when it’s not accepted. The invitation is there. We are making our new communities by being the example of what we are creating with our whole being. We’re listening, we’re intuiting, and we’re alchemizing, as new form is superimposed on old. This is one of our boldest new tools, the ability to overlay. Higher consciousness supersedes; this is part of accepting and embodying divinity. This new consciousness has expanded abilities and gifts. Clearing the old creates space for this. Nothing will be like what we expected, because from our limited perspective we could not see the unlimited vista. We are in the new time now, whenever we stop living the old, whenever we push the old out of the remarkable temple that is our Self.

We’re creating harmony and balance.

You will find, in this new energy, you no longer want chaos, you no longer want negativity, you no longer want excuses. You want peace and harmony and balance. You want joy and happiness and love. This is what we are creating now, and this is the fabric of our New Earth. This is the vibration that others can feel, that they are drawn to, when they relax, when they surrender, when they open their own hearts because they are finally ready for a new way of being.

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