Here’s the message that came thru this week. Our journey with the old world is complete. That means that we can now step out of the limiting rules that we embraced for so long. We can set aside our anger. We can give up our fear. We can stop living in all the self-defeating, unproductive ways that we experienced in 3D. Once we let go of duality, there is no more struggle. Each one has to make that choice. Each one has to choose to stop agreeing to old ways. Each one has to call their true Self forward. We can now choose to shed the old and align with the new. That old world that held us in its grip for so long has now let go. Because we have worked our way free. And oh my gosh, the freedom is so sweet.

This completion can be felt and seen and experienced when we are out and about. To me it almost feels like I am in a bubble. When I am in a store getting groceries, it feels like I am interacting with store employees thru an energetic gateway. We can interact, but we are in different dimensional spaces. I’m having my experience, they are having theirs. In the shared space, there is overlap. But our experience is a higher-dimensional one that is filled with freedom and choice and harmony and peace and magic. Once you experience this, there is no going back.

We are here to be truly and beautifully authentic.

It is up to us to choose this and create it, to actively let go of the ways we were limited or brought down. Whenever you feel that you are making yourself small, stop, remind yourself that this is old world stuff, and then relocate yourself to the new experience. We are not here to be less than, we are here to be truly and beautifully authentic. We are now walking away from any energy of limitation or less than, from any person or situation that tries to tarnish or squelch our divinity. Our light has been turned on, and we can no longer pretend otherwise.

The past few days our new bodies are clicking into place and aligning in new ways. The codes and information coming thru multidimensionally are within. We are activated. It is up to us to begin to use these new codes and information. Many of us have wanted someone else to change, to behave in a way that makes us happy. But we must now focus all that desire for change on ourselves. We are the only ones who can create our own happiness. And once we do that, there is happiness all around, and we can be happy even if others are still caught in old world creations. It’s important to be able to hold the higher frequencies, to hold the structure and framework of the new. This does not mean we don’t care about others. We care deeply, but we know each is walking their own path. And only by holding the new space do we maintain it for all. As each clears their own density, they will discover it.

Many experiences have dropped out of our reality. If we are around others we may see the experiences they are having and some of this may come into our space. But it will hold no impact. And we will find we no longer wish to hang out in that space with them, if they are insisting on being there. And we will discover we can walk away from those projecting their negativity onto others. We’re no longer catering to this or trying to fix it or rescuing. We’re helping, we’re serving, and we’re loving our Selves so that we can love everyone.

But many want to be in the new space with us, as we happily enjoy ourselves and have heart-centered conversations that connect us in new ways. Dear members of my family were just here and we had an awesome time, talking, exploring, walking, playing games, watching sunsets and just hanging out. New Earth is all about heart-based connection and enjoying what we are doing.

Welcome to the New Earth

When we are in the New Earth, our experience will be different from when we are around those who are still living or believing the old earth experience. Here’s an example that just happened. Someone I know slightly injured her knee and can’t walk her small dog. She said her dog was upset about this. She was getting coffee at the same time I was, so I offered to take her dog on a short walk. The dog was very happy about this. We walked up the sidewalk and came to some trees that I had to duck to go under. I thought, someone needs to trim these. At the corner the dog turned around and we walked back to the coffee shop. Moments later I followed the same route because I wanted to harvest some beautiful rosehips at the corner. This time when I walked under the trees, there was no problem. But walking the little dog for the 3D person meant I encountered the low-hanging branches. I’ve had several experiences like this recently, where the reality is noticeably different depending on the dimension. It is very strange when you have to duck to go under some branches, and five minutes later you can walk under them with no issue. But this is part of the overlap with the new and old.

We’re becoming new in every moment, and so is everything around us.

Along with this, you may notice that familiar things look different. Maybe when you get in your car it doesn’t look like it did before, because we continue to shift, moving into the new as we leave the old behind. Your yard or your house may look different. We’re experiencing separation from the old and acceleration into the new, and this is extremely dynamic as an experience. This new space is fluid and full of potential. When I got into my car recently, it looked like a brand new car. It took me a minute to realize it was my car. But soon we won’t need to convince ourselves that our car is still old. We’ll be just fine with the fact that our cars are also becoming new in every moment, just like we are. So is everything around us. Our minds will make that shift to keep up with our heart-centered ability to create.

The old matrix falls apart when we pull our support from it. At the same time, we’re growing the new world and investing in it, each using our own tools. We have to inspire ourselves, as no one else can do this for us.

We have to hold space for what we want to create. We think about it, we hold space, we allow it to come in. We’re seeing miracles now every day, because of all the hard work we’ve done to create something new. So know that we are in an amazing time that we are all creating together. Each one of us is an important part of this process, because we each bring our unique light to it. We’ve made huge leaps in recent weeks. We’re settling in as we continue evolving, getting used to the beauty of this new normal and getting used to who we are becoming as we release all the old aspects of who we were. What we are doing is beyond magnificent. And we’re now getting a taste.

Tonight I went to a friend’s house for dinner to meet a couple who are close friends of hers. There was an immediate feeling of connection and unity. Toward the end of the dinner, just as the elk herd moved past her windows on the expansive dune outside, my friend brought up otherworldly experiences, so I mentioned the New Earth. The woman I had just met was electrified. She looked at me and said, “I’m in. Where do I sign up and how do I find out more?” It’s happening, and it’s happening now. Our journey with the old world is complete.

2 thoughts on “Completion

  1. Thank you Terry, this is so encouraging I have days like this then something will happen and I step back into the old. However I know those times will get less and less as I grow spiritually and shed the old.
    Blessings Gayle

    • Gayle, it sounds like you are doing great! That’s what happens, we go back and forth and back and forth and then one day we realize we’re no longer going back! It’s subtle, so keep observing. We’re all getting there little by little. Thanks for the update!

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