Leaving 3D/ Living Big

Some of us have been on this ascension path for years, clearing old density and reconnecting with the truth of who we are. In that process we have been consciously making pathways for others to follow. Lately I am hearing from people newer to the experience. They’re just starting to clear in order to live beyond the limitations of the 3D world. They sense what they need to do, and they’re wondering about how. Leaving 3D is about living bigger than we’ve ever done.

As we start the process, we begin to see the serendipitous connections that have been happening in our life, things we might not have noticed before. We begin to notice how much magic is around us. The magical realm is a potent entry point, because it speaks to our heart. It connects with the part of us that has been longing for connection. And then it helps us remember who we are. It knows the Big part of us–our soul, the light inside us, the Knowing we connect to.

Gradually we discover, we are the magic. We can make the magic happen. A few years ago, not long after my first book, Dance of the Jaguar, came out, I met some friends for coffee at a new place. The barista brought their coffees, with swirling leaf patterns in the foam, and a bit later, she brought my latte. She’d drawn a jaguar head in the foam. Everyone was amazed. I didn’t know her, she didn’t know me, she didn’t know why she drew the jaguar. She said it just happened. But it shows we are all connected, whether we know it or not, by powerful creative forces. Eventually, the energy of connection is something we learn to access.

Later that day, I connected with the energy of the jaguar in my latte to discover a jaguar shaman who had come to talk with me. That led to my second book, Quetzalcoatl Dreams. What are the energies that are showing up to connect with you?

We can all be an inspiration to others. Many 3D humans have a tendency to say negative things to other people. A neighbor made a “helpful” comment to me. She’s just started working with the idea of self-love, and much of what she says is based in negativity, judgment and lack. What happens when we say something positive and encouraging and true? We can do that for others, we can do that for ourselves. This is how we create a new foundation that is supportive.

Self-love is an essential part of the process. We begin to offer ourselves the love that we often have never had in the way that we wanted. We offer ourselves kindness, compassion, understanding and support. Once we do this, we will naturally treat others in this same way, and we will find that’s how they are treating us.

The same neighbor said to me, “I love my friend Mary, I’d do anything for her, but she voted for you-know-who and I can’t abide that.”

Jean-Luc Bozzoli, http://eyewithin.com/

This is why self-love is so important. We love ourselves as deeply as we can and we remind ourselves that everyone gets to create their own world. We get busy creating our own world and we dream it into being. There are many realities and they are separating now; we want to create worlds with a high vibration, worlds that make us happy.

We practice self-love, and we remind ourselves we’re not in charge of anyone else. They get to make their own choices. We think about what makes us happy. We begin to do simple things that make us happy–like walk in the woods, get together with a friend, watch the new baby fawns bouncing through the yard.

We stop contaminating our environment through our words and actions. We become conscious of what we’re saying and doing and we make choices about this. We align our heart with our mind so that we’re actually thinking with our heart. Our heart is a powerful intuitive tool and if we tune in we’ll know what it wants to do and what it doesn’t.

Gradually we begin to discover our inherent power, which no one has ever taught us to use. Yet it is ours to create with. We cannot fathom how big this power is until we take it in and make it a part of us. We grow in power as we release our fear. So notice where you are afraid and what makes you afraid. If it’s news, stop watching. Challenge your old worn-out fear. The more you do that, the more it will dissipate.

As we move into our power, we begin to make any boundaries that are still needed, in a very natural way, as if we’d always been good at making boundaries. We’re not controlling anyone else, we’re just showing them that we respect and love ourselves and that we value our happiness and the peace in our world. When we make a boundary, we do so in a neutral way because we’ve cleared the old density. I went out the other night with two women friends to a small music venue to hear an acquaintance play. They brought a friend of theirs I had met briefly once. At one point he got a phone call and stepped outside to answer. My friends left the table for a few minutes, and I received a short text with a query. I was answering when the man came back in and said, “Why are you on your phone?” I put up my hand and quietly said “Stop.” And that’s all it took. Just a simple, firm boundary. He got the message. When we finally have the courage to make boundaries, we will feel even greater self-love, knowing we are finally looking out for ourselves and not letting someone come into our New Earth if they’re just going to trample the lovely wildflowers that are growing there.

If you’re coming into New Earth, you’ll have to leave your BS at the door. Your anger, your judgment, your double standards, your helpful comments, your know-it-all-ness, your lack of awareness, seeing yourself as a victim, all of it. That’s what gets cleared.

Our new environments are exquisite and pristine. You can only find these spaces if your heart is open.

Lot of us are working to create a New Earth now and it’s already here. Everyone will have to choose what reality they want to be in–the old one, which is dying, or the new one, which requires that we love ourselves and then interact with others in a peaceful, co-creative, nonjudgmental way. In the New Earth we can live big, connected to our whole self, our gifts, our self-love and our unconditional love for all. The new world is here, it’s ready for us, so release the old worlds that are no longer working. Then you’ll see who you really are, and what you’re here to do.

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