The Separating Worlds

This week, as the energies of evolution continue to swirl and build, I’ve been seeing just what different worlds we are each creating. I’ve been sharing in my posts how we are each creating our new worlds thru what we are thinking and dreaming into being. If we are creating from our heart, from the expansive space of love, we are going to find that these worlds are in alignment with our dreams. If we are creating from what we’re afraid will happen, we’re going to be bringing that in and our world will reflect back to us the very things we don’t want to have. If we haven’t done that all-important clearing work, clearing out the patterns of the old world that made us unhappy, then we are going to see more of that around us. Continue reading

Not Our Job

This month is bringing some big energy to disconnect us from all the old 3D stuff that in our New Earth reality is not our job. You might be feeling it’s time to say, I’m not doing that anymore. Or I feel done with that. So if you’re noticing this, pay attention and see where you can disconnect. We especially want to disconnect from anyone not treating us well. Continue reading

Your True Self

In the process of awakening, we begin to shed the layers of who we thought we were, and we encounter what’s left: the important truth of who we are. Because behind all the ideas we have about who we are, all the beliefs we’ve invested in, all the stuff we’ve accumulated, is this truth, just waiting to be discovered. And it’s up to each one of us to find this treasure when we are ready. Continue reading

Our New Multidimensional Selves

We are experiencing a cycle of change such as we have never seen. When we look at it thru the eyes of current events, it looks like turmoil and chaos. But if we step back and look from the deep knowing within our heart, we can see it is a cosmic unfolding, long in the making, where we—each and every one of us—are embracing our stellar origin in a brand new format. Continue reading