Being and Holding the New

This has been a day of things appearing and disappearing, as we’re being shown how old familiar things are on their way out. The world that we’ve been a part of for our whole lives is vanishing. The new world that we are creating is taking shape inside us and being projected around us to take its place. You may be feeling the dynamics of this. We are finding quite literally that we can’t focus our attention very well on the old. We can only do it very briefly and ineffectively. Even when we focus on it, it’s still not in focus. It’s like we’re connecting with something that isn’t fully there anymore. And we are in such a new space, that we can no longer “go back” there. And every time we try to see what’s there, we have to remind ourselves: What do we want to create? It’s not about what has been created, it’s about what we are creating now, from our embodiment of our divine power as one who came to create something new. Continue reading

Not Our Job

This month is bringing some big energy to disconnect us from all the old 3D stuff that in our New Earth reality is not our job. You might be feeling it’s time to say, I’m not doing that anymore. Or I feel done with that. So if you’re noticing this, pay attention and see where you can disconnect. We especially want to disconnect from anyone not treating us well. Continue reading