The Source Force and Your Core of Knowing

There is so much taking place right now: the coming apart of everything we have known and the coming together of everything being created in the new. There is all kinds of stuff being written about all kinds of stuff, but what I am hearing is stay in your own center. Practice bringing your awareness there. Within your center is your core of knowing and your core of being. This is where you find your truth. Continue reading

Shifting Timelines and New Surroundings

We are on the long journey back to who we are and where we come from and over the last few days, we have transitioned yet again out of the familiarity of old surroundings into something very different. It’s as different as we can handle until we get used to what it’s like, and then it changes again. Continue reading

Cosmic Smoothie Power

There’s so much going on all at once it’s hard to even describe. Sometimes it feels like we are in the midst of being made into a cosmic smoothie. We are being tweaked and upgraded and restructured like crazy, all so that we can part the seas of polarity and they can come back together as unity. It’s daunting, what we’re doing. It’s also incredibly exciting. Continue reading

The Morning News: LOVE

Very recently we anchored into a new space, where the ley lines of the earth—its energy meridians—were synchronized with our own new energy systems, and this was all synchronized with the cosmic plan for moving us into higher awareness and heart-centered living. This is another leap, but we are leaping almost daily now as we open new spaces and move into them with our ever-evolving inner knowing. Continue reading

The Realm of Cosmic Possibilities

A friend recently had a brief but powerful vision where she saw a door, and when she opened it, she was shown the Realm of Cosmic Possibilities. We are standing in that doorway now and we are going to find that many things are different as we step through. Continue reading

Solar-Powered Selves

Years ago, when my journey first started, I got a message it was time to jump off the proverbial cliff. It was a first for me, but I did it. I quit my job, which I really liked, sold my house, which I also liked, and moved halfway across the country. And all I knew was what I had heard: I was going on a spiritual journey. I didn’t even know, at the time, what that meant. It was a complete leap of faith. Continue reading

Our New Operating System

More people are getting hooked up. I just had coffee with a friend. The last time I saw her about a month ago she was experiencing mega fear and made it clear she did not believe that humanity is currently shifting/evolving into a new phase. But this time, she told me about all the physical symptoms she has been having, which necessitated a visit to the ER. After a battery of tests she was pronounced very healthy. But she wondered what was happening. Continue reading

Creative Window

We are beginning to create at a new level. We are seeing our heart-felt wishes coming into being. This happens once we have cleared enough of the internal interference and static that kept us from creating our dreams in the past. Until we are free and clear of old patterns, we don’t realize the impact they have on us. But as we clear them, we become able to create in new and beautiful ways. We get in touch with the authentic self that has been waiting to step to the fore. This true you is the one who has always known what you want and what you love. Continue reading