Leaving 3D/ Living Big

Some of us have been on this ascension path for years, clearing old density and reconnecting with the truth of who we are. In that process we have been consciously making pathways for others to follow. Lately I am hearing from people newer to the experience. They’re just starting to clear in order to live beyond the limitations of the 3D world. They sense what they need to do, and they’re wondering about how. Leaving 3D is about living bigger than we’ve ever done. Continue reading

Embracing Our Power

Nothing is separate. Everything is woven together, each of us and each of our stories. Changing one thing impacts the whole. If we pull a weed, we jiggle a star.

This means every change you make in yourself changes the whole. Every person on the planet has the opportunity to evolve, and that evolution begins inside. We evolve out of our lesser beliefs that we are not enough, into love, where we begin to experience connection, co-creation, peace, harmony, happiness and release from the chaos. Everyone is moving into this, and I’m hearing reports from people now about their own evolution. Continue reading

Happy New Earth!

It’s challenging to write, in a linear way, about what has been happening lately, but here are some of the main things. Recalibration has been taking place to bring the physical body fully online in its 5D format. This has been a very long time coming and has involved clearing of expired patterning and programming from the 3D physical body. February and March were especially intense with regard to clearing of no longer valid but deeply held conditioning. If you are still in this, stay with it, because you will emerge into something really new and wonderful, and you will have more access to your ability to create and more awareness of what you are creating. Continue reading

The Realm of Cosmic Possibilities

A friend recently had a brief but powerful vision where she saw a door, and when she opened it, she was shown the Realm of Cosmic Possibilities. We are standing in that doorway now and we are going to find that many things are different as we step through. Continue reading

Star Origins

“Be humble for you are made of earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars.” —Serbian proverb

IMG_1327I’ve been asking friends who aren’t actively on this path to draw a card from my New Earth deck to start their new year. Recently two of them drew the Star Origin card. Surprisingly, the first person said, “Well, yes, I know I’m not from here.” The second person told me about a memory she’d never shared: that she was out in space somewhere with someone who was lit up with light, who said to her, “That’s where you’re going.” And then pointed to a faraway earth. Continue reading

Happy New Earth!

IMG_1170On New Year’s Eve, in the midst of many celebrations, when many people were feeling happy and celebrating moving into a new year, a surprising thing happened. We were disconnected from the old earth. The timing was beautiful. A wave of celebratory energy carried us into this space. Now New Earth, which has been in place for some time, is showing us how to be in heart-based, co-creative relationship with her, with ourselves, and with everyone else. We are truly becoming our new selves. That is something to celebrate. Continue reading