Dance of the Jaguar is a 2008 Silver Nautilus Book Award Winner. The Nautilus Book Award is given to books that are helping to change our consciousness and the world.

Dance of the Jaguar is a magical story about discovering your true self: the radiant powerful person within. From its opening pages, when opportunities appear, Martha, the main character, can either follow them or turn away. Examining the beliefs that have limited her options, she connects with the life she has only dreamed of. As she begins to live with intention and embrace the vibrant energy within, she experiences joy. Her biggest obstacle is overcoming fear and self-doubt. Her new world brings a burst of experience and a lively connection to the universe. She learns to use her gifts and pay attention to the intuitive guidance that is helping her. But more importantly, as she stops giving away her power to others, she begins to experience that she is innately powerful herself. This is her moment of transformation, when she reconnects with the person she always knew was inside. There is wisdom for all of us in these pages as we recognize our connection to an interactive cosmos that supports and sustains us.

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Feedback from readers:

Hi Terry,

I just finished reading your book. It was wonderful; I wanted it to go for another 200 pages. I could not put it down. It is a great book. How long before the second one? I bought a second copy for a friend. I can’t say enough good things.
Linda B.


I am SO MOVED by the power the book has to remind me, truly and deeply, of who it is I truly am. The group scenes, at the end and toward the middle, particularly the scenes centered around the fire, capture the powerful essence of transformation I've experienced in groups. It helps me so much to remember those times, to feel them in my body, to see them here, in your book, where I can read the words and evoke the knowing. I am so excited to share this book with everyone I care about.
Dana A.


The book was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t put it down, and I read half the night, even though I had a big business proposal to do for the next day.
- Bernadette


I've finished your book. What a fun story. And I see how this could be a sequel. Is that what you're working on? It’s been a good reminder for me as I had stopped walking between the worlds several years back to focus on writing my book and stay more grounded for my marketing etc. But I'm just too overwhelmed with the challenges that so many mainstream working professionals/urban dwellers are having that I think I need to return to my more spiritual nature and pursuits. So thank you for that.
All the best – Ann


I love your school for the lost arts. Is any of your book true? If it is, then you will have to tell us all your secrets. I think it is true, and I would love to meet your Trackers and Tellers.


I just finished the book!!! It was fantastic!!! Muchas gracias for that ending. I loved the cat shapeshifting and being impatient. And I liked the neighbor, Carol, always being negative. I also like the ancient wisdom school. I totally enjoyed every page of the book!!!


Girlfriend....I just finished reading your wonderful first novel.  It was amazing.  How did you get so wise?  O.K.  I'm ready for the next one.  How about the "compassionate rescue of Henry to bring him to the light side?"


This is like Harry Potter for women! Loved it!

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