Quetzalcoatl Dreams

At a remote Mesoamerican site, a carving of the ancient deity Quetzalcoatl awakens from the stones of a pyramid. Quetzalcoatl is the feathered serpent of the wisdom traditions of the Americas, and there is only person to see him as he stands up in his full splendoróMartha. She has come in search of ancient wisdom for a new age, but her studies with a jaguar shaman have not prepared her for what to do. As her fellow students at the Ancient Wisdom School wait for her return, they are faced with unsettling developments of their own. Each of them holds a piece of the puzzle, but how all the pieces will fit together is a mystery. All that is known is what the prophecies say: when Quetzalcoatl returns, it is to dream a new earth into being.

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Comments from readers:

After thoroughly enjoying your first book, I was highly anticipating her new one. Quetzalcoatl Dreams did not disappoint. I could not put it down. It is compelling and marvelously uplifting. Each page draws you in, not as a reader or even a viewer, but as a participant. I could literally feel the energy pass from the scenes on the pages through to my core. Quetzalcoatl Dreams shares keys to self-empowerment and spiritual transformation to assist each of us in our quest for purpose, joy, and connection. Thank you Terry!
Tanna Lee

You are such a wonderful storyteller! I already know, I'm going to want at least 16 more chapters! What FUN I am having with your book. Not knowing the ending of this one yet, I believe there should be VERY MANY MORE!
Katy Young

I love it!! I couldn't put it down!
Laurie Van Vliet

The Dance of the Jaguar was like drinking a fabulous drink through a straw. And Quetzalcoatl Dreams was like drinking a fabulous thick rich shake through a straw. I wanted to slurp it down fast but I just had to slow down and savor it. So I reread Dance and am rereading Q Dreams oh they are so yummy. Thanks for sharing these two works with all of us on the planet.
– Michele Keicher

Well, I fully expect another writing award will be coming your way! I finished your book a few days ago, and I appreciated it immensely. I enjoyed the fine continuation of your first story, AND I paid close attention to your thoughts on how to best prepare for and live in the times that are upon us. Your books are a lovely way to teach.
Joann DeMott

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book Quetzalcoatl Dreams. Iím ready to enroll at the Ancient Wisdom School and learn to fly! Hopefully, you are working on your third of this series, so I can see what happens with Martha and Ned. Your books are a portal for me, as I totally escape from all things and travel with your characters on their life-affirming adventures. I feel as if I am now part of the New World and live with an open mind and heart. Thank you Terry for sharing your gifts!
Kate Haslach

Thank you so much for your sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us. It felt to me like the book and the shift that Martha & friends were going through is exactly what is happening now in my world.
Barb Beach

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